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Weddings in New Zealand

Weddings in New Zealand have always been a grand affair, but with changing times, the trends have also undergone significant changes. Here are some of the current wedding trends in New Zealand that are popular among couples:

  1. Outdoor weddings: With stunning landscapes and picturesque locations, New Zealand is a popular destination for outdoor weddings. Whether it's a beach wedding, garden wedding, or mountain wedding, couples are opting for outdoor venues to add a touch of natural beauty to their special day.

  2. Personalized ceremonies: Couples are moving away from traditional ceremonies and are customizing their wedding to make it more personal and unique. From writing their own vows to incorporating cultural traditions, couples are making sure that their wedding reflects their personality and values.

  3. Sustainable weddings: With a growing awareness of the impact of weddings on the environment, couples are opting for sustainable weddings. This includes choosing eco-friendly vendors, reducing waste, and opting for locally sourced, seasonal food and flowers.

  4. Intimate weddings: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples are opting for smaller, intimate weddings. This allows them to have a more personal and intimate experience with their closest family and friends.

  5. Non-traditional wedding dresses: Brides are opting for non-traditional wedding dresses, such as jumpsuits, pantsuits, and colored dresses, to make a statement and showcase their personal style.

  6. Interactive experiences: Couples are incorporating interactive experiences into their wedding to keep their guests entertained. This includes photo booths, lawn games, and other interactive activities.

  7. Technology integration: With the rise of technology, couples are incorporating it into their wedding. This includes live streaming the ceremony for guests who cannot attend, using virtual reality to showcase the venue, and creating personalized wedding websites for guests to RSVP and access wedding information.

Overall, these are some of the current wedding trends in New Zealand that are popular among couples. Whether it's a small intimate wedding or a grand affair, the focus is on creating a personalized and unique experience that reflects the couple's personality and values

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